The 2036 United States Presidential Election occured on November 4, 2036.  The Republican and Tea Party nominee Donald Hagenwald of Illinois won in a landslide, with 53.24% of the popular vote and 435 Electoral Votes.  Constitution nominee Jason Chaffetz Utah got 21.68% of the popular vote and 56 Electoral Votes.  America 1st nominee Aaron Schock also comes from Illinois got 13.58% of the popular vote and 46 electoral votes.  Democratic incumbent President Barry Suomo of Hawai'i got the lowest of the 4 parties to win Electoral Votes- he only gained Maine's 2nd District.  He also had 3.21% of the popular vote.  Republicans also gained 32 Seats in the House.  This election is generally considered the beggining of The Fall of the Left in America.


The Democratic Party was faced with a tough decision- stay with the current administration, or change the entire thing.  President Barry Suomo announced his intentions to run for a 2nd term on July 26, 2035.  On July 29, 2035, Senator Jannet MaGuire of New Jersey announced her candidacy.  On August 21, 2035, Jannet was in a car crash in the town of Hoboken.  She died of massive blood loss on August 23.  Her husband, Herman Maguire, stated this the next day:

"My wife was a great woman.  She cared about the people of New Jersey.  A couple days ago she told me that she wanted Julian Castro to run for President instead of Suomo if she couldn't run."

Governor Donald Hagenwald, a Republican of Illinois and a current candidate for the Republican nomination, attended the funeral that was held on August 27.  Herman said when he came up to the casket he put an American flag in the casket over her hands.  He then looked at Herman and said she was a true American.  On May 26, 2036, Barry secured the Democratic nomination.  The incumbent Vice President Brad Finman of Georgia was nominated again.


The Republican Primary was between 4 main candidates.  Governor Donald Hagenwald of Illinois, Senator Jason Chaffetz of Utah, Lieutenent Governor Aaron Schock of Illinois, and blogger and drummer Alfonzo "Zo" Rachel of California.  Donald had announced his intentions to run at a fundraiser while he was seeking  3rd term for Governor of Illinois on August 9, 2034.  Alfonzo announced he'd run on his video blog, which came out on July 21, 2035.  Aaron made the announcement while he and Donald were at a press conference on July 22.

"Back in 2026, I faced him in the running for the Republican nomination for Governor of Illinois.  Obviously I lost.  And he was nice enough to choose me as his Lieutenant Governor.  Well- now I've made the decision to face him again on a bigger level.  Me and him will face off for President in 2036."

Donald responded with a laugh and shook the hand of Aaron.  On July 29, Jason made the announcement.  By January 1, 2036, the primaries appeared to be a close battle.  However, in January, Donald won Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Idaho, Michigan, Kentucky, New York, Massachussets, Rhode Island, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, and California.  He won Montana, Alaska, Washington, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Missouri, Oregon, and Oklahoma as well.  In Utah, the votes were a tough battle to win.  Donald won 39.25% of the vote, while Jason won 39.21%.  Donald Hagenwald was confirmed as the nominee at the convention in Chicago, Illinois.  He chose fellow candidate Alfonzo Rachel as his Vice Presidential nominee.  Aaron applied for the America 1st nomination while Jason left to gain the Constitutional Party nomination. 



The Libertarian Party nominated James Nune of Kentucky, however they dropped out of the race due to a major fight within the party.


Former Republican candidate Jason Chaffetz of Utah secured the nomination.  He named Joseph Himpo of Alaska as his Vice Presidential nominee.


Former Republican candidate Aaron Schock won the nomination.  He named Hugh Jome of Louisiana as his Vice President.


No one sought the nomination, and the party began to cripple.


Representative Julian Castro of Texas was named the Presidential nominee, with Herman Maguire as his running mate.


Neal Ianni of New Mexico was named the Presidential nominee.  His brother, former state Senator (as a Democrat) Francis Ianni was the Vice Presidential nominee.


Joe Hoelfin of Minnesotta was named the Presidential nominee.  He failed to nominate a Vice Presidential nominee.


Kalin Jaheem IV of Washington was the Presidential nominee.  Geo Harrimno Jolee of New York was the Vice Presidential nominee.  However, Kalin was arrested on July 25, 2036, for the murder of 3 white children and a white mother along with her black boyfriend.


Former MLS Player Jalil Annibaba of Illinois was named the Presidential candidate, and former NBA player Micheal Jordan of North Carolina was named his Vice Presidential nominee.  This was the 1st time the party had nominated people for President and Vice President.





Foreign Affairs




September 1: Donald Hagenwald announces that the Tea Party has named him as their candidate as well.  Donald Hagenwald becomes the 3rd official Tea Party member to gain the Republican nomination for President- after Presidents Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.

September 23: Islamic militants from Iran attack 3 soldiers in Athens, Georgia.

September 30: Suomo falls below 5% in polls.  At the same time, Donald Hagenwald rises above 70%.

October 2: In the 1st debate, which focused on the economy, Donald Hagenwald swears that the ways of the Left economically are evil- punishing the working and rewarding the lazy.  He is considered the winner of the debate.

October 12: In the 2nd debate, which focused on foreign affairs, both Donald Hagenwald and Aaron Schock state that the USA needs to leave the United Nations.  Also, Donald Hagenwald calls for a cutting off of ties with nations of Communism and that are run by terrorist organizations.  He won the polls of who won by an average of 40%.

October 17: In the Vice Presidential debate, Alfonzo Rachel comes out appearing as a man of the people and a normal man.  He is considered the winner.

October 22: Inthe 3rd and final Presidential debate, which focused on multiple social issues (such as abortion, gun control, and racism), Donald Hagenwald comes out right away and is considered the winner with over a half an hour left in the debate.


  1. Donald Hagenwald (R-IL): 53.24%, 435 EV
  2. Jason Chaffetz (Cons.-UT): 21.68%, 56EV
  3. Aaron Schock (A1-IL): 13.58%, 46EV
  4. Barry Suomo (D-HI): 3.21%, 1 EV
  5. Jalil Annibaba (AP-IL): 3.20%
  6. Julian Castro (G-TX): 2.16%
  7. Neal Ianni (PF.-NM): 1.72%
  8. Joe Hoeflin (Com.-MN): 0.71
  9. Other: 0.1%
  10. Write In: 0.4%


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